Sunday, October 26, 2014

Johnson's Corner

A Colorado Icon

Getting There

It is hard to miss Johnson's Corner.  Located on the east side of Interstate 25 between Loveland and Denver, you just have to drive north for about 20 minutes. The sign is clearly visible from the highway and has plenty of parking in front of the restaurant.

The Atmosphere

Let's not mince words here.  It's a truck stop, people. Comparatively speaking, a really nice truck stop but it's a truck stop. The restaurant area is separated from the convenience store and it sports a wonderful view of the Rockies from almost every seat. There are many booths and tables to choose from and even some diner counters for those looking for some nostalgia. Positive affirmations of  Love, Faith, Hope, Blessings, Receive, Give Thanks, and Share hang above the doors which is a nice touch.  Also, as if to prove that you are not in the city anymore, a boot scraper is right outside the entrance for your convenience which was a little perk that we found charming.  They also have a banquet room for larger parties or special occasions.

The Eats

There were three of us that went on this excursion.  One had a breakfast consisting of eggs, corned beef hash, and biscuits and gravy.  Another one of us selected the french dip with American cheese and french fries from the lunch menu. 
Finally our third person ordered the grilled pork chops with hash browns and homemade apple sauce for the dinner selection.  Everything was really good.  The corned beef hash was flavorful and well seasoned. The homemade biscuit was light and fluffy made earlier that day topped with a classic sausage "sawmill" gravy.  The French Dip consisted of real roast beef, not the typical "meat sheet" you find on sandwiches at restaurant chains. 
The hash browns served with the pork chops and eggs were exceptional - crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.  Johnson's Corner offers weekday daily dinner specials at very reasonable prices.

And now...Dessert.

We selected the carrot cake and homemade chocolate pie.  The carrot cake was a southern type traditional cake - dense, moist, with pieces of actual carrots, raisins, and walnuts.  Definitely a multi-serving slice.  The chocolate pie was amazing.  Most restaurants serve a French silk pie that is so overly sweet that it takes away from the flavor of the pie.  Johnson's Corner's pie is 100% homemade.  The pie is made traditionally with cocoa so you can actually taste
the chocolate not just syrupy sweetness. Even the pie crust is amazing.  Flaky, light, and even has a hint of salt - the trademark of homemade dough.

Even though the desserts were amazing, we were at Johnson's Corner and Johnson's Corner is best known for one thing.  Cinnamon Rolls.  World Famous Cinnamon Rolls, in fact.  These are massive, sweet, cinnamon heaven.  In addition to their regular cinnamon rolls, they offer a special cinnamon roll each month.  Being October, we weren't too surprised to find that this month's flavor is Pumpkin.  They really are amazing.  If you don't go for the food, at least go for the rolls.  Trust us, it is worth it.

The People

The clientele that frequents Johnson's Corner is a mix of all types.  Truckers, families, farmers, and many A-list celebrities have eaten at this well known diner.  Our waitress Mary Anne was helpful and very sweet.

Summing Up

Johnson's Corner is a Colorado Icon.  Joe S. Johnson opened it's doors in 1951 and the doors haven't been closed since.  They are open 365 x 24 x 7.  In 1998 it was voted one of the top 10 Best Breakfasts in the world and was 2004's Best Truck Stop according to the Food Network.  It was featured in the movie Larger Than Life starring Bill Murray and Matthew McConaughey, and has been a welcome stop for truckers and travelers alike for decades.

Although the food was excellent, the service was fair and the cleanliness was lacking.  The restroom was very dirty, but as we stated it IS a truck stop.  For this reason alone, we award Johnson's Corner a Fork.  Definitely worth a visit.  A great Colorado restaurant.

Thank you, Johnson's corner for the excellent food.

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